Translation, Part I: Faris Kamal Nadhmi, ‘The Civil Trend-Sadrist Convergence in the Arena of Protest: A psychological vision in the dynamics of the social left’

I recently posted a translation of an article by the independent Iraqi leftist intellectual and social psychologist   Faris Kamal Nadhmi. Nadhmi wrote the article back in 2010 and it argued that the Iraqi leftist-civil trend and the Sadrist movement should come together to produce a ‘historical bloc’ in Gramscian terms. This post features my

Faris Kamal Nadhmi and the ‘Historical Bloc’: The theoretical foundations of the Sadrist-Civil Trend alliance

This post features my translation of a very interesting article written in 2010 by Faris Kamal Nadhmi. Nadhmi is a major intellectual leftist figure in Iraq and social psychologist, working out of the University of Baghdad and affiliated with many academic, union, and activist associations. The article lays out the theoretical foundations for the Sadrist-Communist alliance

سماحة السيد القائد مقتدى الصدر(أعزه الله) يصدر بيانا يطلق من خلاله حملة ضد الفساد والظلم تحت عنوان (الويل لدواعش الفساد) – Muqtada anounces campaign of reform against corrupting influences in Sadrist movement

Dated: 10 June 2015 Original source (Arabic): Translation starts here: His Eminence Sayid al-Qaid Muqtada al-Sadr, may God bless him, issues a statement addressing a campaign against corruption and injustice… under the title of “Woe to the Da3sh of Corruption”. In the name of the Almighty Know oh believers that I will not tolerate those