Al-Baqiri al-Najafi: The curious story of the fall of hashd’s Walter Mitty “commander”

The last few days have seen a curious story unfold in Iraq culminating in the arrest of al-Baqiri al-Najafi after he was apparently exposed as an impostor pretending to be a commander in al-hashd al-shaabi. Al-Najafi was apparently rumbled when Iraqis began to question the quality of his written Arabic as he described various ‘official’ visits

ممثل المرجعية الشيخ عبد المهدي الكربلائي – الواجب الكفائي – al-Sistani collective jihad fatwa – al-Stistani’s representative Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai delivered fatwa at Friday prayers

Dated: 13 June 2014 Original source (Video, Arabic):  This is my attempt at translating the fatwa that initiated al-hashd al-sha’bi in June 2014. Delivered by Sistani’s representative Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai. Translation starts here: Oh brothers and sisters… The situation that Iraq and its citizens are going through is very dangerous, we must be aware of