Translation 1/3: Iraqi Communist Party History. “Part One: The Iraqi communists, their political alliances, and lessons learnt (1934-2014)” by Jassim al-Halwai

Below is the first instalment of a three-part translation of a series of articles written for the ICP by communist intellectual Jassim al-Halwai. The article begins with some preliminary clarifications and wider context setting before getting stuck into more granular historical analysis of the ICP’s relations with other Iraqi political factions throughout the organisation’s history.

Translation and analysis: ‘Ministries without quotas’ Iraqi Writer’s Union letter to Iraq’s leaders and the origins of Iraq’s technocracy discourse

While the Fallujah operation, al-hashd al-shaabi, and the fight against ISIS have been grabbing the international headlines, Iraq’s political process and structures are also under considerable pressure from a long-running protest movement demanding fundamental political reform. One Iraqi analyst has described this movement as: ‘the first large-scale popular challenge to the consensus on the Iraqi

مكتب المرجع السيستاني يوضح ما ورد بخطبة الجمعة من ( ان الدفاع واجب كفائي – al-Sistani clarifies the “jihad fatwa”

Dated: 14 June 2015 Original source (Arabic): Nun News Agency Translation starts here: The Office of the Marja’ al-Sistani clarifies what was reported in the Friday sermon (that defence is a wajib kafai [collective duty]) The Office of the Marja’ya representing Grand Ayatollah al-Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani has clarified 4 points with respect to what was