Below is a map of protest activity across south Iraq so far in January. Created by Ben Robin @Benrobinz and Iqan Alkhassaf @IqanAlkhassaf this map will be updated daily throughout the month. Click “view large map” in the top right of the embedded map to open it up for full functionality. Live Map: January 2020 Protests Across South

Translation 1/3: Iraqi Communist Party History. “Part One: The Iraqi communists, their political alliances, and lessons learnt (1934-2014)” by Jassim al-Halwai

Below is the first instalment of a three-part translation of a series of articles written for the ICP by communist intellectual Jassim al-Halwai. The article begins with some preliminary clarifications and wider context setting before getting stuck into more granular historical analysis of the ICP’s relations with other Iraqi political factions throughout the organisation’s history.

“Freedom of Expression is a Sacred Right”: Iraqi activists are fighting back against proposed legislation which seeks to restrict civil liberties

Iraqi activists are currently fighting against a draft law, the ‘Law of Freedom of Expression, Gathering, and Peaceful Protest’, which contains a number of amendments which seek to severely restrict basic civil liberties. Activists from across the civil trend spectrum, including Madaniyoun, Mustamerroun, journalists, and students have engaged in protests, including in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square,

Fallujah and the Public Sphere: English / Arabic Comparison, Part I

This is the first of a series of posts in which I will present analysis on data collected on the networked-public sphere surrounding the ongoing battle for Fallujah. I’ve been messing about with some data mining, analysis, and visualisation techniques and thought a comparison of how the English vs Arabic language twitter spheres have responded to

Translation: Ali Al-Sistani’s guidance to fighters engaged in Fallujah

Mustafa Al-Khaqani ‏@Khaqani_M shared the an interesting picture (below) showing the guidance on battlefield rules issued a few days ago by Shi’i marja’ Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani spreading amongst fighters engaged in the Fallujah operation. What follows is a rough translation of this guidance with the original Arabic text below: “So it comes to the fight with those

Mapping Iraqi political, legal, military, and intelligence structures and key figures

I have updated my map of key figures in the Iraqi state, legal, military, and intelligence structures to account for recent changes at the Ministry of Interior, Intelligence, and the head of Baghdad Operations. Key sackings and resignations, as a result of ISIS attacks on Baghdad that have resulted in mass civilian casualties, include: Zuhair Gharbaoui


This site reflects my current research on political identity in the Iraqi-Shi’a religious field – particularly during the period of the al–Hashd al-Shaabi (the Popular Mobilization). In the process of this research I will be translating fatwas, bayans, interviews and other relevant sources in order to build a picture of the discourse around political identity