Faris Kamal Nadhmi – ‘Muqtada al-Sadr between the safety of reform and fear of change: Will he choose revolution or counter-revolution?’ – article translation

Faris Kamal Nadhmi, ‘Muqtada al-Sadr between the safety of reform and fear of change: Will he choose revolution or counter-revolution?’ al-Mada, 4 February, 2020. For a significant section of Iraqi public opinion, it has become commonplace to describe the political behaviour of Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr as volatile, contradictory, puzzling and strange. And this raises a

Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hussein – ‘A Letter to the Sadrist Nation’ – article translation

Ahmad ‘Abd al-Hussein, ‘A Letter to the Sadrist Nation’ NAS News, February 6, 2020 Is it too late to warn of civil strife [fitna] because it is already upon us? Eight martyred in a single night in Najaf, live fire, shells, Molotovs and dozens injured. This is far from being civil strife, this is a

‘Ali Wajih – ‘Sadr and Us: The Lost Partnership’ – article translation

Sadr and Us: The Lost Partnership ‘Ali Wajih, originally published by Nas News 03 Feb 2020 In this moment, with the continuing tensions between the Blue Hats (a formation belonging to the Sadrist trend) and the other protesters, the leader of the trend – Muqtada al-Sadr – has closed down all spaces for cooperation between

Translation: Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) Statement on Alliance with Fatih (13 June 2018)

Below is a quick translation of the statement put out by the ICP with respect to the announcement of an alliance between Muqtada al-Sadr and Fatih’s Hadi al-‘Ameri:   Statement of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) concerning the announcement of the alliance between Sa’iroun and Fatih. Adhering to the national project for change and reform.

Link to my Washington Post (Monkey Cage) article: “Why many failed to predict the leftist-Islamist alliance that won Iraq’s 2018 elections”

Link to my article for the Monkey Cage which draws some theoretical insights from the Sadrist-ICP electoral coalition. It looks at the question of societal weakness in Iraq within the broader framework of the Arab Spring.

Putting some questions to the ICP. Short note on ICP negotiating strategy/thinking following May’s elections.

Sa’iroun, the alliance between the Islamist Sadrist movement, the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) and several smaller secular parties, emerged from last month’s elections as the largest coalition with 54 seats. However, the ICP gained only two seats: Raid Fahmi, ICP Sec. Gen., in Baghdad; and Haifaa al-Amin in Nasiriyah (Dhi Qar province). Negotiations among the

The Sadrist-Communist Alliance And Iraq’s 2018 Elections: Interview for Musings on Iraq

Below is a link to an interview I did with Joel Wing for his blog Musings on Iraq. The interview presents my reflections on the victory of the Sa’iroun list which brought together the Sadrists and the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) in an unlikely alliance. This is just a snapshot of a broader research project