This is January’s edition of my south Iraq SIGACT monitoring report covering the provinces of Basra, Maysan, Dhi Qar, and Muthanna. I recorded 61 total incidents in January, down slightly from last month. However, the levels of violence (aggregating serious violent incidents and tribal fighting) rose to 37 compared with 32 in December. Criminal violence was particularly widespread in Basra. Tribal-related violence was spread across the southern provinces. Overall, violence resulted in 10/17 killed/injured in January, compared with 7/7 in December. The security situation, particularly in Basra, is certainly not improving and seems to be on a negative trajectory. The overall drop in total incidents reflects a more subdued pattern of protest activity during the month, something that is unlikely to last.

As with other recent posts, I am currently focusing on trying to get my PhD thesis drafted and so only have time for this minimal analysis. The map and data for the month can, however, be explored below as usual.

SIGACT MAP: South Iraq January 2019 (Click “View larger map” for full functionality)

PIVOT TABLE: South Iraq January 2019

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