Translation: Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) Statement on Alliance with Fatih (13 June 2018)

Below is a quick translation of the statement put out by the ICP with respect to the announcement of an alliance between Muqtada al-Sadr and Fatih’s Hadi al-‘Ameri:


Statement of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP) concerning the announcement of the alliance between Sa’iroun and Fatih.

Adhering to the national project for change and reform.

Since the declaration of the results of the 2018 parliamentary elections and considering that no bloc obtained the number seats required to form a parliamentary majority, a number of political blocs entered into dialogues and meetings, and the Sa’iroun alliance was central to many these being the alliance that won the most seats.

Therefore, following the declaration of results, the negotiating delegation for Sa’iroun met with several representatives from the political blocs. These meetings resulted in understandings on the principles that must form the basis of the next government.

From these meetings between Sa’iroun and Fatih, from which followed the announcement from Muqtada al-Sadr and Hadi al-‘Ameri yesterday evening, came the formation of the biggest bloc. And from the meetings of Sa’iroun and all its negotiations came confirmation of the commitment to the project of change and reform which satisfies the desire of the people and voters especially those who granted their trust to Sa’iroun and the goals it seeks to achieve.

In this context, there is an openness to the forces and blocs that show preparedness to reach mutual understanding on the aforementioned basis which provided a ground for the development of these meetings towards understandings and agreements on the constitutional prerogatives of the largest bloc.

Note that the basis of our position vis-à-vis any alliance depends on the extent of its commitment to the principles indicated above.

The announcement of the alliance with Fatih seeks to prevent the exposure of the country to serious dangers, a scorched earth policy that various forces with different motives are trying to drag the country towards. For some do not hesitate in resorting to methods and means that place the country at the brink of a catastrophe without concern for the results in their attempts to prevent the provision of the appropriate conditions for a peaceful and smooth transition of power and obstruct the implementation of the national reform project and circumvent the will for change expressed by the broad mases.

The announcement of the Sa’iroun-Fatih alliance has raised divergent views in various circles. While we think it natural that the announcement of this important alliance, which seeks to form the largest bloc, would provoke this divergence of opinion, we find in this an expression of the conviction of the more national forces with the programme of Sa’iroun and what it contains in terms of total commitments in other fields and towards ending the sectarian and ethnic quotas, combatting corruption, and establishing a civil democratic state that can achieve social justice.

And while acknowledging the fact that a political alliance does not necessarily negate the differences in thought and in some political positions, we confirm, as the Iraqi Communist Party and as a part of Sa’iroun, that we sought through this alliance and cooperation and coordination with the rest of the parties, to push all the nationalist forces which agreed with the general steps of the programme of Sa’iroun and the orientations of this cross-sectarian alliance, towards working together to form the biggest bloc which could shoulder its responsibility, according to the constitutional commitments, to form a government on the basis of competence, integrity, and patriotism.

We continue to think that Sa’iroun and its program represent a realistic possibility for change and reform, and this is what must be upheld and sought after, providing spaces to transform the facts of life in Iraq. Therefore, our position is the position of Sa’iroun itself which extends the hand to the alliances that draw close to its national political project and agree on placing the citizen and the nation at the centre of attention, dedicating all efforts to serving them.

The Political Office of the Iraqi Communist Party, Baghdad, 13 June.


Original Arabic:

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