Muqtada al-Sadr bayan 9th October 2016: suspending negotiations with INA, call for protests, and other details.

This is a quick translation of Muqtada al-Sadr’s 9th October bayan in which he responded to the decision by Iraq’s Federal Court to rule against the legality of al-Abadi’s attempt to remove the offices Iraq’s vice-presidencies. Al-Sadr also announced that he is postponing recently initiated negotiations with the Iraqi National Alliance (INA) because of the positions taken by some other parties. He also calls for massive demonstrations ‘not Sadrist or civil trend, but a general popular demonstration’, in pursuit of demands to install technocratic ministers in key offices of state including the vacant positions in Defence and Interior.


In the Name of the Almighty.

A number of matters have occurred which are seeking to consolidate corruption, these are:

Firstly: the revocation by the Federal Court of the decision to dispense with the vice presidency positions.

Secondly: the delay in choosing competent [technocratic] and independent ministers for the Defence and Interior ministries, and the efforts of some to seize control of these ministries.

Thirdly: delay with respect to the negotiations with what is called “The National Alliance”, and their insistence on some incorrect matters.

Fourthly: procrastination in the case of other ministries and positions which remain under the control of the corrupt politicians.

Fifthly: there are orientations towards retaining the Electoral Commission and its unjust laws.

Especially now in the month of the Sayyid of reform and the reformers, who did not go forth [to Karbala] out of conceit or joy… it has become necessary for us to do the following:

  1. A massive popular demonstration after the end of the ceremonies of Ashura – not Sadrist or civil – but a popular demonstration in front of the court seeking to transmit the voice of reform to the supporters of corruption.
  2. Persistence with the angry demonstrations against the Electoral Commission, including in the provinces, and maintaining its peaceful character.
  3. Suspending the negotiations with the “National Alliance”, after thanking the committee for negotiation for all they have done.
  4. If the government does not take serious steps towards appointing independent specialist ministers for the security ministries then the people must return for a second, open sit-in protest… this time no “promises”.
  5. If independent ministries are established, we will have another pause, but if only promises are forthcoming, we will return… we will keep marching in the line of the Imam al-Hussein and we honour the shedding of the pure blood in the cause of reform… Peace be upon the people of Islam, and the mercy and blessings of God.


Muqtada al-Sadr

9th October 2016


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