Picture Post: Iraqi Art Collection at the Jalaad Cultural Centre, North of Amman

Yesterday I was very lucky to be shown around the Jalaad Cultural Centre not far north of Amman. The Centre has been constructed to house the immense art collection of Sammy Hendeyah. This collection includes an entire floor of art work and sculpture from Iraqi artists, some contemporary and some dating back to the 19th century. I’ve included just a small sample of some of the works in photos below, hopefully I have matched the paintings with the right artists.

The Centre is not fully open to the public yet as they are awaiting licenses from the authorities. But with such a huge and fascinating collection of art from around the Arab world, and fantastic facilities, I am sure the Jalaad Cultural Centre is going to be a must visit site in Jordan in the near future. Many thanks to Yousef Hendeyah and Ahmad Hendeyah for their generous hospitality.


Mahood Ahmed (b. 1940) Oil canvas 1956


Jaber Alwan (b. 1948) Oil on canvas


Salman Abbas (B. 1937) Oil on paper

20160729_180505 (1)

Naziha Salim (B.1927) Oil on canvas 1994

20160729_180436 (1)

20160729_180543 (1)

Abd Al-Qader Rassam (B. 1888) Oil on canvas 1912.


20160729_180605 (1)

Layla Al-Attar (B.1942) Oil on canvas 1991

20160729_180726 (1)


Ibrahim Al-Abdali, oil on canvas, 2003

Outside the gallery:

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