Text of statement on the current situation in Iraq from Friday sermon held by His Eminence, Sayid Ahmed Safi, representative of the Grand Marja’iya, 02 July 2014. نصّ ما ورد بشأن الوضع الراهن في العراق في خطبة الجمعة التي ألقاها فضيلة العلاّمة السيد أحمد الصافي في يوم (5/ رمضان/1435هـ) الموافق (4/تموز/2014م)

Dated: 02 July 2014

Original source (Arabic): http://www.sistani.org/arabic/archive/24921/

Translation starts here:

Text of statement on the current situation in Iraq from Friday sermon held by His Eminence, Sayid Ahmed Safi, representative of the Grand Marja’iya, 02 July 2014.

In the name of God the Compassionate and the Merciful.

Concerning the current situation there are a number of points.

  1. The first sitting of the new Council of Representatives was held the previous Tuesday in accordance with what is stipulated by the constitution, and the citizens were optimistic that this would be a new beginning for this Council, for its commitment to the constitutional and legal texts. However, what followed, with the failure to elect a speaker of the Parliament or his deputy before the ending of the session was an unfortunate failure. It is hoped that the political blocs will intensify their efforts and dialogue to find a way out of the current crisis at the nearest opportunity.

There is a great responsibility placed on the shoulders of everyone in these exceptional circumstances.

The expeditious formation of a new government in accordance with the constitutional framework and with care to obtain wide national acceptance is of the utmost importance. Likewise, it is important that the three heads [Speaker, President, Prime Minister] are in harmony with respect to the general political situation and administration of the country, to work together to solve the problems which beset the country and in rectifying previous errors which have had dangerous consequences for the future of all Iraqis.

  1. Tens of thousands of citizens including Turkoman, Shabak, Christians and other minorities are living these days in harsh conditions because of their displacement from their homes after the terrorists took control of their cities and villages in the province of Nineveh, and other places.

The efforts exerted to care for them and relieve their suffering still do not meet the required level. The federal government bears a huge responsibility towards these migrants and displaced people, just as the regional Kurdistan government and international organisations are invited to increase their attention to these people.

These citizens must be provided with the opportunity to return to the places of their homes after the re-establishment of security and peace. Their displacement cannot be an opening for any demographic changes in these regions.

  1. The critical conditions through which Iraq is going make it incumbent on all parties, especially the politically leadership, to avoid extremist discourse which leads to convulsion and aggravation. Respect for the constitution, and commitment to its provision without selectivity must be the basis which all positions adopt, and no step outside this framework can be accepted.

We confirm once more the necessity of organising the process of volunteering and the enrolment of volunteers within the army and official security forces and the inadmissibility of carrying weapons illegally. On this occasion we renew our thanks and appreciation to the security forces and those who joined them from amongst the volunteers who are engaged in fierce battles against the foreign terrorists in order to preserve our country and its people with all its components and sects. We are asking the Lord Almighty that he protects them, grants them victory, and that he listens and responds.

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