المرجع السيستاني:الترحيب بمساعدة اصدقائنا لا يعني غض الطرف عن استقلالنا وهويتنا – al-Sistani in the press: Accepting help from our friends does not mean turning a blind eye to our independence or identity

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Dated: 13-March-2015

Translation starts here:

Report from Nun al-Khabarya news agency.

Marja’ al-Sistani: Welcoming aid from our friends does not mean turning a blind eye to our independence and identity.


The high representative of the Religious Authority welcomed any assistance from the brothers and friends of Iraq in the fight against the terrorists, on condition of preserving the identity of the country and its independence, while also calling the competent bodies to the necessity of engaging with and depending on the competencies of those Iraqis carrying higher degrees from the developed world.

His excellency Sayyid Ahmed al-Safi, preacher and Imam for Friday prayers in Holy Karbala, addressed through his second sermon during Friday prayers at the Imam Hussein Shrine on 21 13th March 2015.

He addressed two issues:

Sayyid al-Safi related what had been laid down on the first issue: “We thank God, the Great and Almighty, for these victories, we squeeze the hands of our sons in the security forces and our volunteer sisters and our ardent tribes, who are fighting the terrorist groups, this is a glorious page added to the record of honour which belongs to the people of the country. But we would like to raise a number of issues:

  • The cohesion and solidity of the various components of the dear Iraqi people has great importance in rolling back the aggression, and gives power, courage and valour to the fighters, not in any one province on its own, but in all the lands usurped for cleansing. The enemy targets our weak points through which he infiltrates us, breaks up our unity and our strength. This cohesiveness must remain and increase until we have denied the enemy any further opportunity.
  • The Iraqi Army and the brother volunteers defend their country, this country of civilization in which a number of civilizations take their root, this country which will be, as it was, impregnable against any effort to change its identity, to destroy its heritage, to wipe out its history. Its worthy sons, throughout history, have born what they bore in order to remain mighty and righteous independent and his own master. They have bled, and continue to bleed over this pure land their precious and pure blood… it is incumbent on us all to defend our dignity, our pride, our holy places, our cultural identity, which we cherish and are satisfied with no other, that our heroic sons in the fighting fronts – God the Almighty protect them – are fighting a fateful battle of great importance in defence of Iraq, its present and its future, they underscore an important historical period with their blood, which strengthens and magnifies their efforts in the cause of the nation. And we cherish our nation, and our identity, and our independence, and our sovereignty, and if we welcome any aid today from our brother and friends in the fight against the terrorists, we thank them, but this does not mean in any circumstances that we can turn our backs on our identity, our independence, and we will not be part of any ill-conceived notions in the minds of officials, here or there. We write our history with the blood of our martyrs and our injured in the battles which we fight today against the terrorists. And the blood of the various components of the Iraqi people has intermingled with all Iraq’s sects and peoples. I want to confirm once again the necessity of preserving this shining history by means of authenticating all parts of the events for fear of losing the right for the generations to come to gaze on our history and read it clearly and authentically as we have read the history of our ancestors.
  • These victories and heroisms in defence of our country require from the state that it increases its interest and care for the all the fighting brothers and expends the utmost effort in order to mend/patch the level of performance and retain the profits which it obtained through its channels and institutions. There remains not a few cases of delay to the entitlements for the fighting brothers with unacceptable excuses.

Sayyid al-Safi added in his sermon, attended by the Nun al-Khabrya news agency: “The state must direct its attention to those protecting the country with their blood and provide them their rights completely and care, as a priority, for martyrs who lost dearest ones and sons.  The nation which gives martyrs is a generous nation and that nation cares for its martyrs is the most generous nation… for the martyr opens the path to freedom and this must be appreciated. The honourable state must meet the needs of its sons, and we don’t ignore the sisters, here we thank all the security apparatus, the brother volunteers, and the free and honest media which accompanies many of the battles and reports them with objectivity.

On the second issue, the High Representative of the Religious Authority said that: “It has been stated on more than one occasion the necessity of engaging with and depending on the competencies of Iraqis in all the specialist areas, and many of the brothers who possess such competencies have sought to contribute in the building of the country, especially those who carry higher degrees and qualifications from developed countries in key fields, and many came back to serve their country. However, they faced some real problems, one important issue relates to the equation of the degree. While we focus on the processes, and confirm school documents and education levels, we also want to make the following clear:

Some of the administrative processes are complex, and the routine processes are divorced from reality, consequently they are alienating and pushing away the specializations that return to the country, and this is not an adequate situation. In addition to the complexity of the processes, their implementation leads results in the country losing these people because of these measures. This is a dangerous issue and we are unaware of who is responsible for addressing it! The strange thing is that some of the Ministries invited these brothers who possess competencies, doctors for example, and benefited from them to deliver high level research or important advice, but do not allow them to practice the profession because they don’t have the appropriate qualification. Make sense of this!?

We call on the concerned bodies, do not only refer back to the instructions, but seek with all effort to attract and facilitate these people and provide all possibilities for them to build the country with their sisters and strengthen the development of our country which needs them today.

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